Learn to Wholesale

Moving from retail to wholesale is a huge undertaking for most studio artists. The difference between success and failure is often making just one too many mistakes. The worst thing you can do is to just post your photos on a website and wait for an order.


Wholesale 101 eCourse

Best in American Made, helps you transition to participate in our step-by-step start up program. You'll start with our Wholesale 101 eCourse and move into private consultations with Wendy Rosen. You'll get the individualized support you need to plan for launching, and growing the wholesale side of your business.

The program includes "Wholesale 101" a six week course to help you create a step by step plan for success.


Private Coaching

Every small business is different, and no online course can answer all of the questions you have.

You can supplement your online experience with 40 minute mentoring, or full hour consultation sessions with Wendy Rosen. This eCourse gives you the basic framework.

Private consultations with Wendy will help you with very specific creative solutions and best practices that work specifically for the type of work you make.

You'll never feel alone, and you'll have the answers to move forward safely, and professionally.

If you think you're ready but still need some support... know that your Best in American Made application fee includes access to Wholesale 101 and an initial 30 minute consult.


30 Minute Consult Topics:

  • Initial interview, prep and planning. (Free)
  • Designing and creating collections that sell
  • Product images & identity packages
  • Adding value & pricing
  • Cross channel practices (Etsy vs Amazon)
  • Exclusivity & geographic distribution
  • What retailers need - turns & incentives
  • Packing fees, terms, insurance & shipping
  • Targeting niche markets


Additional Optional Sessions Include:

  • Creating a formal launch promotional package
  • Trade show opportunities, budgeting & promo
  • Pre-show promotion
  • Website design for wholesale and retail


Are you really ready?

Our in-depth interview will involve your sales history, work, images, production  methods and pricing. This consult will get you focused on an action plan for success. $120

Packages of 6 shorter 40 minute sessions are available for weekly consults as you complete each module of the eCourse. $425

If you believe you are ready to take the Wholesale 101 e Course without any extra guidance, you can always purchase the class by itself. 


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