Best in American Made

The curated wholesale marketplace for handmade.

Where did the store down the street find those cool new designer products? 

For 35 years, America's coolest retailers have relied on us to provide them with those unique best sellers they need to keep their store on top of local competition.

You need merchandise that reflects your unique retail style and sells fast enough to keep your store always looking fresh. Do you need merchandise that is exclusive to you and not at any other local store? 

Searching the internet for "authentic" or "cool" or "unique" or even "American Made" isn't easy.  So where do you find those studio brands that are best sellers and great partners?

The most unique studios can't afford to exhibit at a big show  so we've created a new marketplace that is open all year long!

Times have changed.  So have we.

Life as a retailer isn’t easy.  You wear too many hats, and there’s no one to help you with all the buying, paperwork, inventory management and promotion. We all know that wholesale buying in moving online. In fact, this year many artisans report that online orders are up.

Where Are Best Sellers?

The Best in American Made marketplace provides you with a curated marketplace featuring only committed studio artists. Any artist who can't provide professional customer service and pricing integrity lose their membership. These are the best sellers of the independent retail, gallery and fine gift sector.

You can't afford to attend a dozen jewelry shows, wholesale craft markets and gift shows each season, it's just too much time out of the store. Fewer and fewer artists can afford to exhibit at the big shows. Today retailers and studio artists are connecting in new ways, online.

Buying Has Changed

Buying on the show floor is not only confusing, but also risky. Huge market centers offer 7 million square feet in showrooms... but finding what you need is a slow and frustrating experience.

You're more cautious ​than ever, and for good reason. Buying "impulsively" doesn't work. Each new brand must be researched carefully before ​adding any ​new ​collection. ​

Is that new studio offering a full keystone mark-up? Will they undersell on Etsy or Amazon? ​Can they ship and deliver on time? What other retailers carry this brand? Do they provide tips to selling this work faster? There is a lot to consider before committing to that first order.

The New Competition

Retailing has become ​more so much more competitive. ​Your competition isn’t just the store down the street or the local art fair… it’s also Etsy, Facebook, ArtFire, Amazon, Wayfair, and dozens more online venues.

Online B2B marketplaces are disrupting the old business models, but few are actually working to create strong sustainable relationships between buyers and sellers. ​So, how do you adapt and thrive in this new marketplace?

You must strive to be different.  A cool store with unique and fresh merchandise will always succeed. You must also build strong relationships with your suppliers. (that’s where those big brands fall short).  Customer service and a full keystone mark-up is just the beginning. We want you to have the flexibility to create the terms you need to succeed.

The Simple Solution

The Best in American Made marketplace ​is a wholesale marketplace full of proven Best Sellers. You control your delivery schedule, terms and even negotiate terms from Net 30, "On Approval", Memo, special exhibition and even consignment agreements. This isn't a site where you just click a button and order... it's a new community where you will connect and build personal relationships with your studio makers. Through mutual support both of you can thrive and grow.

Your Perfect Partner

We’ll take a load off of you, introducing you to new studio brands, and rewarding you for browsing and buying in our marketplace.

The Best in American Made was designed with you in mind. We’ll help you connect with the right studio brands so that you can stay (or become) the coolest store in town. If you need personal advice on brands to carry, we’re here to share what we’ve learned. There’s no flight, no hotel, no snow, no alternative staffing issues.

Incentives for Buyers

Next year we’ll begin a new project to showcase our Best in American Made retailers with a website that brings more customers to your store!

We’ll provide incentives for you to rate your favorite studio brands, write a review and share your success in selling that work.

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