Meet the Makers: Julia & Wayne Parker of Whispering Willow Soap Co.

entry-126-body_oilAmerican Made Show: Please tell us a little bit about your background and how you arrived where you are today.

Wayne Parker: My wife Julia has very sensitive skin. She had amassed quite a collection of bath & body products that she couldn’t use for various reasons. Frustrated, she suggested that we trying making our own products as a way to control the ingredients that went into each batch. Naturally, when we started making soap our first few batches were an uphill battle. Over time we have learned many lessons and believe our early experiences helped us to create the high quality product we offer today.

AMS: Describe the path that led to your career as an artist.

Wayne Parker: When we started our little soap company in 2010, we sat down and discussed what was important to us moving forward:

1. We wanted our products to be Sustainable. We use certified organic ingredients whenever possible. We also aim to include as much recycled and recyclable packaging as we can. We believed our business had to be part of a virtuous cycle if it was going to be truly sustainable; so we decided to give back a percentage of our profits to charity every year right from the beginning.

2. We wanted our products to be Natural. We never use any sulfates, parabens, synthetic preservatives, scents or colors in our product line. If we feel uncomfortable using an ingredient, we don’t.

3. We wanted our products to be Beautiful. We believed that a great product should not only work well and smell fantastic, but it should also be visually appealing.

These three main principles have guided all of our decisions over the years and continue to guide us today.

Wayne Parker

AMS: What does the creative process entail for you?

Wayne Parker: Much like how we started creating, we usually pick a new product as we are trying to replace something in our lives that is not as natural as we would like. Once we have chosen the product, we make our first small batch. We record the ingredients and steps and try it out. Sometimes it is close and we can start slowly adjusting the formula with each follow-up batch. Then we test. We try it ourselves in various conditions, then distribute it to family and friends for feedback. Our lip balm formula took around six months of work before we felt fully comfortable with the product.


AMS: What is your most popular product line?

Wayne Parker: We started out in 2010 purely as a soap company. Over time we slowly added items and we are proud to offer a diverse product line today.

Our most popular product continues to be our bar soaps, however demand for our lavender neck pillows and our line of liquid hand soaps is growing quickly and will soon be just as popular as our line of bar soaps.

Meet Wayne and Julia at the 2016 American Made Show in Washington DC!

Company Name: Whispering Willow Soap Co.
Studio Location: Lincolnton, North Carolina
Booth #: 824
Visit Whispering Willow Soap Co.’s Wholesale Showroom at

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