Meet the Maker: Savannah Kurka of Savvie Studio

Imagine a college student who invests every last penny of her savings into a laser cutter. Born into a family of entrepreneurs, it was only logical for Savannah Kurka to do just that, converting the bedroom of her tiny apartment into a full-blown studio.


Kurka always knew that she wanted to spend her adult years in a creative field. She had, after all, spent her childhood exploring her father’s woodshop and crafting in her mother’s studio. The artist had the opportunity to experiment with a wide variety of media while studying art education at the University of North Texas, yet, she found herself gravitating to the materials of her youth. “I began to experiment with the compatibility of wood and fiber,” says Kurka. She has been exploring the range of possibilities ever since.


These experiments led to the creation of Savvie Studio, Kurka’s popular and accessible line of jewelry and gift items. Each piece is designed and laser-cut by Kurka herself. From there, the artist alters the laser cut wood with some form of traditional craft. “This is where it gets really fun,” explains Kurka. “I hand embroider directly onto the piece or use weaving techniques to interact with the wood.” She also experiments with marbling, an ancient water painting technique, to create truly one-of-a-kind results.

DSC_0048 (1)

Kurka’s customers appreciate the colorful, tactile nature of each piece. With work ranging from $15 to $95, the artist offers young collectors a wide range of affordable options. Find the artist and her work this June at the American Made Show in Dallas.

Company Name: Savvie Studio
Studio Location: Denton, TX

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