Rynn Mar Miller

Meet the Maker: Rynn Miller of Rynn Mar Miller

Rynn Mar Miller

American Made Show: Please tell us a little bit about your background and how you arrived where you are today.
Rynn Miller: I’ve done a little of everything, from salmon egg packing to backhoe operating. Two college degrees, Geology and Accounting, still didn’t satisfy my urge to make something. Geology started with my love of stones – I was always picking up cool rocks (still do, as a matter of fact). Gemstones really appeal to me with all that color. What fun to play with the shapes, colors and textures.

AMS: What does the creative process entail for you?
Rynn Miller: I like to look at a slew of stones in front of me, and start to play with combinations. One stone might be a little dull, but put it next to another and they both pop with character. Love that.

AMS: What event or experience pushed you to take on art full-time?
Rynn Miller: I was a part-time jeweler and full-time accountant, and then I lost my accounting job. I took it as a confirmation of the fact that I didn’t really want to be a full time accountant. Creativity in accounting is frowned upon. So I made the leap to full-time jeweler- and there’s nothing like a mortgage to put a little boot in the behind to get busy!

Rynn Mar Miller

AMS: What inspires you to create new designs?
Rynn Miller: My work is mostly driven by the stones I have. I buy them, cut them myself, even trade for them. Given a particular stone, what can I do to enhance it? Sometimes not very much – a lot of my work is a stone wrapped in silver. But it’s a beautiful stone!

I also like to play at the workbench. I don’t have formal jewelry training, so I keep trying different things. I’m a good problem-solver, so I’ll work at something until it feels right and looks good.

AMS: Tell us about the technical processes you employ in your work.
Rynn Miller: I definitely like to make it myself. I fabricate everything, and really enjoy the process.

Rynn Mar Miller

AMS: How would you describe your artistic style?
Rynn Miller: Clean contemporary lines and bold color.

AMS: What type of customers tend to like your work?
Rynn Miller: Women who like natural, wearable jewelry with a punch of color.

Meet Rynn Miller at the 2016 American Made Show in Washington DC!

Company Name: Rynn Miller of Rynn Mar Miller
Studio Location: Salida, CO
Booth #: 1616

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