Meet the Maker: Marilyn Biles

For lifelong artist Marilyn Biles, art is not a static object meant to be passively observed. It is the language she speaks. Perhaps this is why her patrons feel such a strong connection to her work.

Bravura, 40" x 40", 1992

The artist began her journey at Moore College of Art in Philadelphia as a fashion illustration major, so it’s only fitting that her paintings are now reborn as silk scarves.

Image credit: Paul Hester, Texas Design Now exhibition at the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, 2015

Silk perfectly captures the fluidity of her work, and her paintings, with raw emotion realized in color, are a perfect match for the material.

redscapeGallery and retail shop owners can expect to find oil paintings on canvas, silk gifts and accessories in Biles’ booth at the American Made Show this June. Her original oil paintings are currently on display at the Pilié showroom, 3621 West Alabama St., Houston, Texas 77027.

Phone: (713) 961-1619




Company Name: Marilyn Biles
Studio Location: Houston, TX

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