Meet the Maker: Linda Shull

Linda Shull

Illness Inspires Jewelry Collector to Become Artist Working in Glass

Linda Shull

“Life is an adventure, and I believe we should savor the day at hand,” says Linda Shull.

Shull has lived by those words since being diagnosed with breast cancer in 1995: “I decided to stop putting off things that I really wanted to do and launched my own fused glass studio.”


During 25 years of designing retail stores and commercial spaces Shull had collected jewelry. She began her new career “by developing a distinctive line of glass watches because I’m a certified watch addict, and there were none available like the studio now makes. My love of bright colors inspired me to expand into a full jewelry line with the Life Savor collection, which includes watches, bracelets, rings, pendants and earrings. I tell people life should be savored, just like the candy.”


Shull’s “very labor intensive” process in her Los Angeles studio begins with glass specifically manufactured for artists. It’s layered and cut into 20-inch by 20-inch sheets and fired. “Sheets are then cut into the specific design and fired again for the ‘rounded edges,’” she says. Creating of bands requires a third trip to the kiln. All firings take more than a day. All pieces are hand-washed after every cycle.

Her inspiration: “I tell people ‘Color is my drug!’ I love color, and it was a big part of my career as an interior designer.” She also looks to nature, photos, books, magazines, and other artists’ works. “I try to attend all the craft exhibits I can,” Shull says.


  • Company Name: Shull Design Studio

  • Product Categories: Glass: Fused; Apparel & Accessories: Womens; Jewelry: Fashion, Mens; Collectibles: Signed by the Artist

  • Studio Location: Los Angeles, CA

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