How Good Product Photography Drives Sales

Good Product Photography Drives Sales

The hard part is over! You have created a great new product and now it’s time to show the world.

The temptation to hurry and snap a quick photo for your website may seem like a good first step, but is actually counterproductive to your business. Remember the time and energy it took to create your product? That effort is what you want to present to a potential buyer by having quality photographs. In this post we will go over the value of how good product photography drives sales and helps promote your business.

Many artists claim that their work speaks for itself. Unfortunately, when applying for a show or promoting to media, your photos speak first. No matter how beautiful and/or functional your product is, photographs help you reach a wider audience quickly. Whether you’re adding product photos to your online storefront, entering them in a contest, or applying to exhibit at a show, your photos represent you and your company’s brand.

Worth a Thousand Words

You’ve heard the phrase a “picture is worth a thousand words,” but in this case, replace the words with “orders” or “sales.”

Product photography is used in virtually all of your marketing collateral to promote your business: websites, postcards, business cards, advertisements, press kits, catalogs, posters, etc. Isn’t it worth the investment to ensure your work is perceived in the best possible light and with all its intricate details clearly visible?

Making a Good First Impression

As part of the application review process for American Made Show, we first look at photos of your work. With each application we ask ourselves these questions:

  1. Is your product designed and handcrafted in America or Canada?
  2. Will your product lines be successful at our show?
  3. Do these products represent the quality our buyers expect?

What you as the applicant might not consider is that we do take into account the quality of photographs submitted. These photographs tell us—and potential buyers—how professional you are as a company and how seriously you take your business.

Once accepted as an exhibitor you are encouraged to add product photos to your online exhibitor profile. Studies show more than two-thirds of trade-show attendees pre-plan their visit, most often by doing some quick online research. You have only seconds to engage potential buyers, and the way to do that is with beautiful photographs of your work. Much like how you design your booth, your product photography should immediately capture their attention.

The Secret to Free Promotion

We’ll let you in on a little secret: The easiest way to having your images picked up by a show promoter or magazine publisher is to send print-quality photographs.  All of our exhibitors are required to submit product photos with their contracts, but very few take advantage of this opportunity to send shots of new work. And even fewer do it correctly, with print-ready, high-resolution images.

If the product photography submitted is “fit to print,” so to speak, the chances of your work getting featured in our print and online marketing materials greatly increases. In short, good photos can lead to free marketing.

Hopefully this has helped you gain a better understanding of the importance of good product photography. At this point you may be thinking, “But I am not a photographer. How do I make this work? Doesn’t a professional photographer cost a lot of money?” It might seem like you’re being asked to leave your comfort zone, but don’t worry; next week look for a new post explaining how to affordably photograph your work.

>> Part 2: How to Affordably Photograph Your Products

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