Meet the Maker: Aleksandra Vali

Aleksandra Vali

Ex-Russian Ceramist Shapes Bigger Career in U.S. in Silver and Gold


Aleksandra Vali says she “tries to reflect the richness of our history and culture” through the jewelry she creates. That she first achieved international attention as a Russian ceramist gives her a rich and unique perspective.

Vali, who earned a master’s degree in Russia, believes that through working with clay she “learned a feel for the perfect shape” and how to balance design and contrast texture. She says it was after she moved to the U.S. and was introduced to working with silver and gold that she found her “true passion.”


She enjoys experimenting with new techniques to make the most out of three-dimensional forms. With metal she creates “unusual and creative pieces” that, Vali says, show her “individual approach, level of skill, and flair for design.”

Vali uses carving, casting, riveting, oxidizing, etching, and metalsmithing, combining silver and gold with “contradictory materials” that inspire her, such as coral, pearls, textile, and lava. Fine cut precious stones emphasize the rough texture of her materials, she says.

Aleksandra Vali collage

Her Cubeberry line, made from oxidized sterling silver and coral through carving, casting, and fabricating, is her most popular, she says of her work in her studio in Aurora, Ill.

Vali won NICHE Awards in 2012 and 2013. She wants to gain more recognition so that she has “creative freedom to make all different kinds of objects, such as furniture, light, hats, and sculptures.”


  • Company Name: Aleksandra Vali

  • Product Categories: Jewelry: Fine, Sterling Silver, Gold – 18k; Collectibles: Limited Edition, One-of-a-Kind

  • Studio Location: Aurora, IL

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