Become a Seller

Becoming the Best at anything is never easy or instantaneous. While the initial act of connecting with shops and galleries is relatively straightforward, the process of actually convincing retailers that your work is a "best seller" is far more difficult. Next, there is the process of asking for that first reorder.

Each year thousands of studio artists make the decision to add wholesale to their current retail art fair business model.  The truth is, 95% fail.  Not because they have bad work, but because they didn't have a plan.

There is no quick fix, and no short cut to success. Getting into the right show isn't the solution either. Unlike the initial steps you took to start your retail business, the process of launching a successful wholesale brand requires much more upfront planning.

Studios with an established wholesale track record that include at least 6 stores ordering at least 3 times a year are welcome to go begin the joining process by paying the set-up fee using the link below.

If you don't have an established studio with at least 6 reordering Net 30 accounts, and 30 professional product images, then we recommend that you take your time to plan your wholesale business strategy. Please go to our New to Wholesale program of services.

$65 Set-up Fee Includes:

  • Wholesale 101 Orientation e-course ($129 value)
  • Top 100 Retailers of American Craft (mailing list)
  • Arts Business Institute Wholesale Academy ($30 discount)
  • Best in American Made (invitations & promo materials)
  • Showroom Set-up (includes profile editing and product uploads)

After paying the set-up fee you will receive a link to create your store and complete the process.


Your Showroom As Low As $39 Monthly

Your showroom will be live upon membership payment.

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