Product Photos That Sell

Great photos are your first budget priority. Times have changed and today, having great photos is the foundation for success.

Good Enough?

Your own DIY photos may be “adequate” for customers who know your quality… but homemade photos are (most often) not adequate for introducing your work to new customers, especially retailers who will use those images to share your work with their customers!

Good vs Great

Getting “great photos” doesn’t have to be expensive. Avoid “dark jury shots” and go for honest straightforward images that sell.

Keep it Simple

Your product photos are very different than in-situ photos, fashion style, or accessorized photos that you use in other areas of your website… like the front page or banner. Avoid grouping and “styling” your shots.


A white background is the universally accepted best option for products. You can use “tools” to remove backgrounds from your current images.

Perceived Value

Your photos must express the highest “perceived value” possible so that you can get the price you need, and retailers can get the price they need. Great photos help you sell, sell faster, and more frequently.


DO NOT call your wedding photographer! Product photography is a “specialty” requiring special tools,lenses, lighting and set up.

Editing Tools

All photos need some modification.  Shopify provides a list great tools and tips.


What’s It Cost

It’s the most important investment you make to sell your work.  Good photography comes before you buy a booth, or create a display or even join an online marketplace. It’s money well spent. You’ll pay between $20-35 per shot for good catalog images depending on how many you need. See our resource list below.


Smart Product Shots  Located in Warwick, RI, Smart works with lots of New England area jewelry manufacturers. 

EtherArtsUs Located in Georgia EtherArtsUs is listed as an Official Amazon Photography service provider.

Affordable Product Photo  Located in Hollywood, FL Retouching is included. Prices as low as $18.50 for 66+ images.

Tocco Photo Located in Hollywood FL, Chuck Tocco specializes in jewelry photography

Thumbtack is a great resources for finding good commercial product photographers.