Who Qualifies?

Studio artists and artisanal micro-facturers are invited to apply based on a well-established track record of wholesaling at trade shows, publishing their dealer list on their website and referrals from established retailers. Once invited they must prove that the “brand” qualifies under the terms of the authenticity terms of the Best in American Made.

Best in American Made Requirements

  • Excellent Customer Service You must address any questions or concerns retailers may have in a timely manner. Make sure to keep customers up-to-date on any fulfillment delays.
  • Quality Photography Best in American Made is geared toward true professionals and your work must be presented with clean, clear, professional quality photographs.
  • Price Integrity You must provide a full keystone (x2) mark-up for your retailers and transparency about your pricing in other channels such as Amazon, Etsy, Wayfair, Houzz and other markets.
  • Proven Success You must have a proven track record of successful wholesale business. A history of trade show participation is required.
  • Active Customer Accounts If your work sells for less than $200 (average wholesale price per item) you must service at least 20 accounts (Net 30, purchase and non-consignment). If your work sells over $200 (average wholesale price per item) you may provide a list of 7 galleries or retailers that you actively work with.
  • Pledge Authenticity You must sign a pledge and agree to our terms regarding American Made Authenticity to guarantee that your work is made in either the USA or Canada.

Can I Re-direct Customers to The Catalog on My Website?

Absolutely! We understand how hard it is to keep everything up to date when you have hundreds of items.  Just enter a “web link” on your profile page. You should track your traffic from Best in American Made use an analytics tool. 

Pricing & Brand Integrity

Your specific “brand” represented on the Best in American Made cannot, in any way, be contracted with off-shore manufacturing or import licensing. We recommend that if you license your work, that it is represented with a brand name that has no obvious connection to the artist or handmade brand names. The prices you provide must be 50% or one half of your retail prices in your own retail store, at fairs and festivals and in other online sales channels. 

Consignment Offer Negotiation?

Our marketplace provides you with a way to “negotiate” any consignment proposal. You may combine consignment with a required purchase, event promotion, time limits, and/or advertising requirement. This can provide you with the assurance that your work is well represented and that the gallery has made a best effort to sell your work. No more consignment without investment!  It’s up to you, but we help with negotiating better terms.

Auto-reply Messages

Retailers will submit one of three ways. New Customer, Reserve, Reorder, Inquiry. You can create an auto reply message or you can use our default message.

Inquiry: (New Request): “We have received your request to set up a new account with us and will contact you as soon as possible.”

Reserve: “Thanks for your reserve, we’ll confirm your order amounts and ship dates as soon as possible.”
Reorder: “Thanks for your reorder. We’ll review inventory and ship date available and confirm asap! Feel free to call us so that we can suggest some “best sellers” for your specific store profile. Please set a re-order reminder prompt!

Decline: "Thanks for your new account request. We have reviewed your request and cannot open a new account in your area at this time. We appreciate your interest and will contact you when an opportunity opens up"

Must I Process Payments Through The Marketplace?

No! You can use your own payment gateway! When an “order” comes in you can create a confirmation reply that redirects a retailer to your own payment gateway. You may want to confirm every order with a phone ca... it’s a great way to push that order higher. You may report this as an order so that your buyer receives “buyer rewards.”

Why Will My Retailers Buy?

Retailers are rewarded for every action they take on the website. Reward points can be redeemed for all kinds of products and services. Including “new samples” they would like to test. Retailers can also purchase in-store promos to increase their sales of Best in American Made products. You have the opportunity to join our “new samples” program.

American Made Authenticity Pledge

Hand-fabricated and machined products of unique design made in the United States or Canada. The design must be the intellectual property of the studio owner. The use of stock art or images in the public domain may be permitted on an “exception basis.” All work must bear the artists signature, chop, or studio logo in an indelible and permanent manner.  Studio logo should be printed or stamped under the finish, or etched, signed or engraved with country of origin into the surface of the product.  Jewelry and other very small items may be metal tagged with studio and country of origin.

What We Do Not Accept

  • Absolutely No “assembled” jewelry using imported findings in a decorative manner. Small support elements such as clasps, small beads and chain are acceptable uses for imported elements.
  • We do not accept work that is made using a purchased pattern, or from a hobby-level magazine or instruction source.
  • We do not accept work “designed and signed” by studio employees.
  • All jobbers, casters, suppliers and sub-contract work must be domestic (United States or Canada). Documented proof is required.
  • Country of Origin claim fraud is a federal crime and can be prosecuted. We take this matter very seriously, as it hurts the honest and fair marketplace we strive to provide. Our remedies can include actions outside of direct prosecution. See 18-USC.541