At American Made, Our Mission Is Simple

American Made works with creative businesses to help them network, grow and prosper. Our mission is simple...

  • To nurture and support the growth of independent maker & retail businesses.
  • To provide a one-of-a-kind marketplace for retailers to shop wholesale for the best in American and Canadian design;
  • To answer the call of conscious consumers who vote with their wallets;
  • To strengthen the role of American design in today‚Äôs marketplace.

American Made

We believe...

American Made is a vital part of the new economy.
Consumers have a right to where and how a product was made.
That art and cultural products along with their communities are our national treasures.

Design Integrity

We believe...

Good design and sound business practices must be protected at all cost.
Cultural products reflecting American values and must be preserved and protected.
Honesty and authenticity throughout the design and production process.

Main Street

We believe...

That Main Street is where new jobs must be created.
In creative communities and the values that support local small businesses.
In a marketplace where consumers have the tools to vote with their wallets.

People, Planet, Prosperity

We believe...

In the responsible management of our natural resources.
In preserving honesty in the domestic and global marketplace.
That free trade, is not always fair trade.
In the power of the individual to contribute to rebuilding our economy.