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We are dedicated to making your business successful. Whether or not you chose to participate in the American Made Show, we are committed to offering guidance to artists before, during and after the application process.

Call or email to get answers to questions about common business problems, including pricing, product line development, copyright, and more.

Pre-Show Planning

For exhibiting artists, we are here to help throughout the planning phases of exhibiting at the show, our 9 module wholesale 101 course covers:

  • Booth selection and effective display
  • Development of a cohesive wholesale line
  • Shipping and logistics advice
  • How to prepare clear line sheets and sales materials
  • What marketing and press materials to bring onsite
  • Suggestions for developing good buyer relationships
  • What buyers expect and what to expect from buyers
  • Pre- and post-show production strategies
  • Pre- and post-show marketing plans
  • And much more.

Artist Education & Mentors

We produce webinars throughout the year to give new and emerging artists an introduction to working with galleries and exhibiting at their first wholesale trade show.

In some cases, we can also suggest an experienced show mentor who can assist with all areas of show preparation. Mentors can be matched by location, price point or medium.

Our New Exhibitor Mentors volunteer their time to help new artists during the show. Volunteers include experienced wholesale artists Stacy Simbrom (artist and founder of Angels with Attitudes) and Patti Dowse (artist and original founder of Erda Leather).

Our team works year-round connecting with gallery owners and specialty retailers from across the U.S. and Canada.We are dedicated to finding new, qualified buyers of handmade work and providing excellent customer service to long-term buyers.

Reaching Buyers

Phone calls to our buyers remain the most important part of our customer service. Between shows we are seeking new buyers to connect with, making phone calls to thousands of long-term buyers, helping them register, make hotel reservations, assisting with travel planning, gathering information on how to improve the show, and much more.

Every year, we develop team-based goals to research and develop relationships with new, qualified buyers; goals which are increased the following year. Each year add we add 2,500 new, qualified stores to our expansive buyer database. That’s in addition to our bonus distribution of Niche Magazine at major gift shows and markets. If you want to target buyers interested in American Made… we offer the most up to date specialty list of luxury and design retailers nationwide.

Artist/Buyer Mediating

Our buyer and exhibitor services teams are dedicated to mediating on behalf of buyers and artists when order conflicts arise between the two parties (non-shipments/non-payments, etc.). Documenting complaints and mediating conflict is an important service we provide and has helped solve many disputes throughout our 33+ years in the wholesale crafts industry.

About Our Exhibits Team

Our exhibits staff includes an experienced team of professional artists and craft industry experts. Our New Exhibitor Mentors donate their time to help new artists during the show.

Attendance promotion for the American Made Show begins one year before each show. We use a strategic print, e-mail and social media plan to reach buyers in a variety of markets using multiple outlets:

Direct Mail Marketing

Digital may be less expensive, but we know that print is still the #1 way to reach busy retailers. That’s why we continue to devote 60% of our marketing budget to design, print and mail brochures, booklets, pre-show guides, posters, postcards, stickers, and more.

Tens of thousands of retailers receive direct mail from the show encouraging them to attend and emphasizing the important role designer-made works play in staying ahead of market trends like “buy local” and sustainable production. For each show, we provide:

  • Show Preview Guides (enclosed with every copy of NICHE magazine’s autumn issue, mailed to 15,000 retailers)
  • New Exhibitor Preview (6-8 page preview in NICHE magazine, mailed to 15,000 retailers)
  • Hosted buyers program
  • Phone calls to buyers

Print & Web Advertising

The American Made Show reaches millions of readers with full-page, four-color print ads and digital banner ads featured in the largest, most credible trade publications and websites. These include Museum Store Magazine, Gifts & Decorative Accessories, and NICHE magazine, to name a few.

Email & Digital Marketing

We love print, but we also take digital marketing very seriously. Our marketing team works year-round to create new ways to engage with both buyers and artists through all digital channels.

  • Email Marketing: Each week, in the 24 weeks leading up to the show, 8,000+ registered and prospective buyers receive email newsletters showcasing work by new and returning exhibitors.
  • Social Media: Our extensive social media outreach focuses on artist and retailer promotions to our more than 22,750 Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest followers.
  • Website: AmericanMadeShow.com has more than 12,000 web visitors and 96,000 page views per month. Our site offers visitors much to see and read, including our two latest blog series’: “Meet the Makers” and “Meet the Merchants.”


In an increasingly digital world, it can be easy to dismiss email. Phone calls to our buyers remain an essential part of our pre-show registration efforts. It also provides the opportunity to connect with our attendees to gather suggestions for show improvements.

Pre-Show, Onsite and Post-Show Marketing

The steps you take before the show often determine your success at the show. The most successful exhibitors incorporate a combination of pre-show, onsite and post-show tasks into their show marketing plan. The American Made Show offers its exhibitors a variety of promotional opportunities to suit every budget, including, but not limited to:

  • An AmericanMadeShow.com directory profile (free)
  • Opportunity to be featured in our “Meet the Maker” blog series (free)
  • E-mail templates, web banners and buttons (free)
  • Website ads (paid)
  • Buyer email advertising (paid)
  • Pre-Show Guide listing (free)
  • Social Media promotion with AMS (free)
  • Promoted Facebook posts (paid)
  • Printed Buyer’s Guide listing (free)
  • Printed Buyer’s Guide advertising (paid)
  • Onsite press kits for attending media (free)
  • And much more.

Visiting Artist Program

The Visiting Artist Program provides artists the opportunity to explore the wholesale marketplace before joining it as a wholesale exhibitor. With educational seminars, guided marketplace tours, individual and group portfolio reviews, and the opportunity to ask questions and network with American Made Show staff, seasoned exhibitors and other visiting artists, the Visiting Artist Program provides an insiders’ look at a wholesale show.

NICHE Magazine

Published by our show producer, The Rosen Group, NICHE magazine is our most important partner when it comes to providing excellent editorial and advertorial coverage for artists.

NICHE magazine connects galleries and fine retailers with high quality, contemporary designer gifts, jewelry, fashion and decorative art objects handmade in professional studios throughout the United States and Canada.

Each issue presents more than 300 studio artists who offer their craft artworks for wholesale volume purchase. Retailers who sell fine, handmade craft also turn to NICHE for small business retail strategies, marketing advice, merchandising tips and more.

NICHE Awards

The NICHE Awards program is an annual arts competition that celebrates excellence and innovation in American and Canadian craft. The program was founded in 1989 by The Rosen Group and is sponsored by NICHE magazine.

Nearly 2,000 professional and student entries are received each year and are judged by a small group of prominent members of the craft industry, including museum curators, industry experts, gallery owners, and members of the craft trade media.

Finalists are invited to display their work at a special exhibition at the American Made Show. Many finalists receive direct inquiries about their work, whether on the show floor (if the finalist is also an exhibitor) or by leaving business cards and/or brochures at the display.

The NICHE Awards ceremony takes place during our winter market where winners are revealed. Finalists are featured in the winter edition of NICHE magazine; winners are featured in the following spring edition.

Year-round, our public relations department shares news about the American Made Show and its artists to local, national and trade media. We invite web, broadcast and print media to attend and write about the show. A growing number of influential industry bloggers have added the American Made Show to their must-cover events. Recent media and advocacy participation has included JCK Magazine and JCK Online, Giftware News, Metal Clay Magazine, Alliance for American Manufacturing, USA Love List, Demand American Foundation and many more.